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“Business growth is built on business capital.  Managing that capital is critical, but what many fail to recognise is that capital is not just a monetary measure.  Among a company’s greatest assets are its staff, its brand (or unique selling point) and its systems for adding and delivering value.  We are in times where funders will not readily reflect perspective and potential in making decisions, so a company must first look inwards and manage its own assets to their fullest potential.”


Providing a range of interim management solutions, focused around providing you key support for key projects.


  • Independent Director services

           - supporting you in times of business expansion

           - supplying an objective view of your business

           - providing you with technical and governance support


  • Interim Finance Director services

           - providing technical financial support for special projects

           - delivering a step-change to the financial reporting process

           - revealing commercial opportunities for adding value


  • Managing Change and Business Transformation

           - identifying KPI’s and the key drivers of the business

           - developing the business plan and the routes to success

           - working with you to deliver growth